"Should I Outsource My Social Media?"

The most common questions business owners are asking themselves in 2017: Should I outsource social media management?

Many businesses fear outsourcing because they worry about social media managers not understanding their brand enough to market them. This is an understandable concern, but these issues are nothing when considering the benefits from hiring qualified, creative professionals to run your social media.

Think about it this way - if a business stays with in-house social media management, they will have to hire an employee or team of employees. This requires salary, benefits, insurance, office space, equipment, etc.

Outsourcing social media management gives you a team of professionals with experience and expertise that will work around your budget to increase your online presence. You save money on business expenses (office space, equipment, salary), and you do not need to compensate over time since it is their job to manage your social media throughout the day.

Let’s talk about time. Countless hours of work and energy go into developing a marketing strategy and ads. Social media management teams work together and report to you. Weekly calls are often set up to review social media platforms and overall performance. On top of that, social media management teams offer 24/7 monitoring; answering questions, moderating comments, analytics & data reports, etc. so your brand is consistently clean and professional.

Adding a little bit of outside perspective is great for a business. Business owners may be biased in their opinions and decision-making because they are the mind behind the business. This social media management team is a 3rd party that can study your marketing ideas and their impact, directly and objectively. This is the best way for peak creativity and brand awareness.

Who directly affects business the most? Customers obviously. But then who? Competitors. Business competitors’ marketing strategies directly affect other businesses in their industry. And with social media being as powerful as it is, it is important pay attention to who dominates your industry online and why. But being aware of what competitors are up to and what they plan to execute next takes lots of experience and effort. What better ways to gain competitor’s insights to the industry than to hire a social media management team?