How Long Will Today’s Social Media Platforms Last?

It’s 2017. By now, millennials, their parents, and their parents are using social media. In the past 10 years, we have seen Social Media explode in growth. Why? Social media is a way for everyone to connect with each other like never before. It is used to store and share memories, meet new people, connect with old friends, play games, promote businesses, share news and current events, but most importantly to entertain. We have seen different platforms rise and fall over the years like MySpace, Vine, MSN Messenger, etc, but will our current platforms ever go away? Let’s take a look at why each platform has made its mark and why that platform may or may not be here for the long run.


Twitter is the oldest of the “Big 3” (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) but it is quickly becoming the smallest. This is because Twitter hasn’t really changed since it originally came out. Hashtags were it’s biggest change when they came out, but that was years ago. Twitter has tried to add new features like polls, moments, and it’s Trending feature, but it’s user base is still going downhill. Twitter doesn't offer anything more than it’s competing platforms, and many question how it still continues to exist. Some believe it was taken over by the younger generations that were fleeing Facebook because of their parents joining. Others believe that Twitter has a sort of “simpleness” to it that we all like to go back to. It is hard to predict the future of Twitter, but we believe it isn’t here for long unless it makes some pretty massive changes.


Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform right now. A platform that requires a photo to create a post - one where people only follow others to see images from them. People love photo content and they always will, which is why Instagram has a good shot and long-term survival. With changes to photo quality, filter additions, IG “Stories”, and in-app editing additions, it’s user base keeps coming back with more content and engagement. There is something about posting your own images and getting Likes that people absolutely crave. IG has continuously made additions and changes according to it’s users desires, which is why we believe it is here for a long time. After all, it is owned by Facebook.


Facebook is the most used site on the internet. It’s user base is closing on 2 billion - a number that no other platform close to. Facebook’s success comes from it’s efficiency in changing. Over the years, Facebook has made thousands of changes to its site to attract more users and to make using social media easier for its current users. Changes like adding games to play with friends, fan pages and business pages, virtual reality, digital assistance, video sharing, etc. Facebook is best at keeping it’s users up-to-date with entertainment.

Think about Facebook 4 years ago. You would scroll through your news feed seeing mostly friend’s statuses and posts from pages you Liked. Not too many photos, just text posts that people interacted. Now think about Facebook now. You scroll through your news feed seeing tons of funny videos, memes, and loads of ads promoting things you might be interested in. You see less text-only posts than any other kind of post. Facebook took the best part of every other social media platform, and implemented it into their own format on Facebook. That is why Facebook will never go away, much like Google and YouTube.