How Social Media has Affected #HurricaneHarvey

Hurricane Harvey is becoming one of the worst disasters in U.S. history. 24.5 trillion gallons of water were dumped on Texas -- that’s enough water to cover the entire state of Arizona in a foot of water. Over 32,000 people were forced from their home, and there have been over 40 tragedies.

So where did the people of Houston turn with the water rising? Social Media. Over the weekend we saw thousands victims pleading for help on Twitter and Facebook. Some posted their home address and family information, others posted questions asking where to go for shelter. To no surprise, many of those victims were rescued as a result.

This is only a small part of what social media has done for those victims. Facebook pages were created that posted important information and answered questions for victims. Instagram’s geo-located images were of use in locating victims. There was even a universal “Harvey Relief Online Map” for the victims. Over the past week, Twitter had 27 millions tweets related to Harvey. We saw public figures take a stand to donate money and volunteer, like Texan’s defensive end JJ Watt who created a donation group that has reached over 14 million in donations, with a starting goal of just $250k! And when every public figure shares their voice on #Harvey, another public figure joins in as well. The global effort with helping Houston throughout this disaster is monstrous - thanks to social media.

Find out how you can take a stand to help Houston’s hurricane victims here: