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Xocial Media is a digital marketing agency that offers services to help businesses develop their brands through social media.

Our Clients are our highest priority. We work for you and aim to understand your businesses goals. In order to help your business achieve those goals we will construct a strategy for creating/posting relevant and engaging content. All the while referencing analytics to further optimize our client’s potential. It’s our mission to help our clients have a positive and recognizable brand through social media.

Xocial Media won the “People’s Choice Award” at the April 2017 G60 Entrepreneurial Start Up Competition versus 35 different startups at the University of Arkansas.

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    “Our job is to make your life simple. Through our service we will offer guidance to your business on how to effectively handle your social media to develop its significance. We will relieve any and all worries about managing your social medias away. Let us focus on optimizing your brand on social media so that you can focus on furthering the success of your business and passion”


    “While the word “Millenials” can often carry a negative connotation, we believe that it’s a label that our business can spin in our favor. We are both 20 year old students at the University of Arkansas that grew up living and breathing social media. We both understand that nothing will be handed to us but we saw an opportunity to have an impact not only on our own careers but on the development of the clients we might work with.”


    “With input from our clients and research of the market we can create relevant and engaging content that is pertinent to your business. We have access to premier equipment and software that will allow the content that we create to set your business above your competitors.”


    “Digital marketing is a highly competitive field. Numerous other businesses have been very successful in helping their clients tap into the gold mine of social media marketing. What sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we offer similar services but at a highly affordable rate. We whole heartedly believe at any business that works with us will see a long term return on investment not only on a monetary level but through the development of their businesses brand.


    “We live in social monitoring. Through 3rd party softwares, measurement dashboards, algorithms, attribution models and other forms of data analytics we can guarantee a long term lasting impact on your social media and business. The tools we use allow us to track your social media’s successes and focus on areas that could see more improvement. All the data we collect will be available for you to access at your own convenience.”


    The internet has graced our society with an exponentially endless amount of opportunities to further oneself in whatever way they desire. The same can be said for any business that understands that there’s a chance to experience growth in ways they couldn’t have ever imagined. Social media and digital marketing will be around for years to come, so why not start now?




Ryan Kirk Jennings

Co-Founder & Director of Business Operations

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